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We know that the Prada Galleria Bag is not a new release, but for the Fall 2017 Collection, the house introduces an irresistible color with a little twist that we had to write about. For those that are not familiar with the Galleria Bag, it’s introduced not long ago and it has been very popular ever since. We know Prada is famous for creating gorgeous tote bag like the Saffiano Lux Tote, so it’s not surprised that the Galleria Bag has been an instant-hit. And above all, all of their bags are durable, strong and impeccable.

So meet the Prada Pink Galleria Bag, it’s beautified with patent to create the shiny-effect. Match it with a neutral color outfit like black and it will enhance its brightness. With its boxy shape and minimalistic design, it comes with the signature triangle Prada logo on the front. The top features a luggage tag, which can be hidden on top left side (this is a little exclusive design which other Galleria Bag don’t have and it’s super cute). The outside is made with two pockets with zipper closure.

The interior is separated in three compartments with the center part as the largest. The largest compartment has also a zip pocket inside to store your important essentials. The other two compartments can be opened and closed with zip closure as well. Overall, the inside offers a large space to not only structure your stuff, but also carry them from day to night.

Style code 1BA863, measuring 29 x 19.5 x 12 (L x H x W) cm, priced at €1680 euro, £1500 GBP, ¥258120 JPY via Prada boutiques.




People purchase luxury bags for the quality as much as the brand name. But with no quality, no brand name won’t ever control the price premium. It takes a very long time for customers to trust in the quality of a brand but that trust could be broken within a fraction of time.One issue I receive all of the time from readers, or even random passer-bys, is about my purses or shoes. I am a big believe in investing in antique bits which stand out and can make your outfit. In reality, you may typically see me at a cheap maxi dress while carrying a bag that’s, well, not-so inexpensive all summer long! I am so thrilled to finally start sharing tote (& possibly in the future sneakers) reviews! I will make sure that you hit bags of all price points! Thinking about reviewing this affordable ‘it’ bag next.The bag I have asked about the most is my red Prada Medium Saffiano. This baby happens to also be my all-time favorite designer bag I have. She definitely cost me a cent (I stored for months) but she was worth all these pretty pennies. But it might be worth noting you can find a Prada Saffiano under $1000 (even under $500 occasionally) on discount sites. .Note my bag is several years old so the newer seasons have turned into an upgrade (that I am bags jeally of)… dual zippers lining the top!When I state this bag is permanent I mean that this thing was put through hell. Tossed around, held heavy items, rained on, etc.. .and I am very tough with my bags. Hell, I paid to get a designer purse it better. Right?!) . The following Prada I am dyyyinnggggg for is that this incredible beauty that essentially has my name written all over it.

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