Balenciaga Adorable Giant Mini City Replica Bag

Weren’t how my interest in accessories started, they played a big role in sucking me into a full-on obsession. It was the mid-2000s, and any fashionable woman who fancied herself the least bit edgy was at least consideringadding one to her collection.


A couple of seasons ago, Balenciaga decided to miniaturize its City into a crossbody version and managed to stir a little interest in me. Now that the brand is making the Mini City with its throwback Giant hardware, I’m just barely keeping up my resistance to the idea that I need to get back on the City Bag Online bandwagon. Based on how quickly colors of this bag seem to sell out, I’m not the only person with a reignited Balenciaga curiosity. Of course, with Balenciaga, the colors are everything.