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The Reversible Bag is the new thing and it’s irresistible. The Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag was absolute a hit, then Burberry came with their own version, then Gucci, Burberry, Longchamp, every high fashion brand wanted to created their own edition. Now it’s so addictive that Givenchy 15ss Bag Replica is joining the game – now meet the Givenchy AntigonaReversible Bag for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection.

The Design


The Antigona Bag is the label’s iconic line; there is no need for any introduction. The shopper edition is a newer version and it has now been modified into a Reversible Tote. And now only that, the bag is crafted for the urban-use and casual days – for example, the house’s logo ‘Givenchy Paris’ has been added on the front, which is a new embellishment.

You can recognize that this is the Antigona Bag because of the triangle logo leather patch on the top. It comes with top handles for tote carry, but there is no shoulder strap available.

The bag is made with calf leather and for now there is a version that’s colored in gradient blue that transition from light to dark. If you reversed it from inside out, then it will change into a silver-tone leather bag. But there will be more variety of colors available in the future and we’re hoping for one with more classic looks. So what do you think?

The Interior


The shopping bag is quite big; the interior is made with a main compartment but also a zipped pouch that can be detached. There is space for a lot of stuff! So happy shopping!

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 13’ x 19’ x 7.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1890 USD, €1390 EUR, £1290 GBP, $2240 SGD, ¥195000 JPY.

That I have a hard time rating the value of a bag that I get on sale. I want to rate this score based on the price before purchase, but that does not look right. The normal price of this tote is2,280, which is based on what most premium designers bill for slightly smaller versions of their marquee bags. I think the price should be a bit lower, but it is not far off.I got the tote for just under $1,500, which I would give 5 stars. As a result, I rated the value at 3.5 stars; it isn’t amazing, but it is fair. My selling price was great though! With sale year upon us, I’d advise that you keep scouring the net and checking out deals page to find out if you’re able to find the bag you love discounted. The Antigona was a favorite for a few decades, and also the love for this particular tote has not died down. It’s rare in the article it-bag times to find a bag that hits such a high status and does not get influenced by over-saturation or backlash. Because of its quite refreshing aesthetic, this bag is going to be a a staple for years to come.The other great part about the Antigona is that the huge number of colours, materials and sizes it is possible to purchase it in. While I opted for pink, you can find so many more options for everybody, which probably can help make it this type of hunted bag.Overall that is a superb bag, it lives up to its hype. With everything taken into consideration it scores right beneath 4 celebrities in our evaluations. The price is a little high and the endurance has a few downfalls. However, the Antigona stays a gorgeous bag and I have no regrets about buying it, I am thrilled with my tote.

Where To Shop the Givenchy Bags 2015 Price Replica Reversible Bag?

1. MyTheresa – find the reversible bag here…

2. Luisa Via Roma – here’s another online shop to look for…

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