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First seen during the Prada Cruise 2018 Runway and it has finally been released. Introducing the Prada Monochrome Bag, a promising new tote bag. When we think of Prada, we tend to think about the Saffiano Lux Tote, which is one of our favorite handbags. Even tough this bag can never be replaced, we still wonder which Prada bag can become the next iconic. And maybe, just maybe, the Prada Monochrome Bag is the chosen one. Don’t you think so?

The Design

The design of the Monochrome Bag is a combination of Prada’s previous released tote bags. It could be that they have taken all the best components and put them together to create a complete new tote. The shape for example, looks a lot like the Prada Esplanade Tote Bag because of the trapezoid body refined with a curved top. And while other Prada Bags are crafted with the signature triangle logo or just the Prada logo in gold hardware, the Monochrome Bag is made with the Prada logo that matches to the color of the bag. We think this is gorgeous and the size of the logo is perfect too – not too small and not too big.

This bag is finished with double leather handle and leather shoulder strap. You can carry it by hand, on your shoulder or cross body. The side of the bag is interesting too as it’s made with two snap closure in case you want to shrink or expand the size of the interior. The front also comes with the new larger-sized tag, which partly made from gold hardware. The Monochrome Bag is made from calf leather and Prada has always been known for impeccable quality of leathers.


The Interior

This tote bag can be your next everyday bag because of the interior. Inside you will find one large compartment for your daily items but also two pockets including one with zipper closure to keep your important essentials safe. The size is big enough to store your small laptop or documents for work. The look is stylish as well and can be used for special occasions as well as casual days.

The Sizes And Prices

Prada Monochrome Bag
Style code: 1BA155
Size: 13’ x 9.8’ x 6’ (L x H x W) inches
Prices: $1990 USD

Other Styles








She had been onto something there, however–florals for spring have been completed and re-done, again and again. However, what about florals for collapse? This season, autumn florals stole my heart thanks to The Prada Frame Bag.Back in February, we gave you a first glance at Prada’s Fall 2017 runway totes, and I couldn’t wait to further investigate my love for autumn florals. I got my hands on two stunning frame totes, and all I can think to say is “yes!” While I am head over heels for the fall floral frame bag, this stunning cerulean blue is equally stunning. Both of these bags make for an eye catching–yet functional–invoice tote. In durable saffiano leather with golden hardware, this bag isn’t just impeccably crafted, but it is beautiful in its simplicity as well.The frame bag comfortably fit a small zip-around wallet, sunglasses in a fabric pouch, a tiny makeup pouch, and my work phone in addition to my private phone. This size is ideal both for a long time of running and nights out with friends. In a nutshell, if you’re searching for an easy-to0-wear, day-to-night tote that makes a statement, then the Prada Frame bag is it. The interior of the bag is lined in soft, luxurious nappa leather and features a pocket on both the front and rear interior walls. The floral frame bag sells for $2,160 through Neiman Marcus, and the solid frame bag retails for $1,970 through Bergdorf Goodman. There is only on industry of the fashion business that has been largely untouched by the megatrends of streetwear and athleisure: handbags. Everything from shoes to bomber jackets have become favor over the last couple of seasons due to the super-duper casual management of this industry, but when it comes to bags, it is so hard to convince shoppers to go with anything aside from leather the sporty trend has been largely stymied. There’s one existing brand with a big chance to alter that, however: Prada.

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