Top Quality Prada Gold-Plated Ribbon Bag For Sale Replica Bags


Make a powerful fashion statement with the newest Prada Bags Usa Outlet Replica Gold-Plated Ribbon Bag. Stylishly refined in all its angles, this ribbon bag from Prada is the perfect fashion fix, like a cherry on top of an ice cream for that added touch of panache.

Made from genuine calf leather, this Prada Gold-Plated Ribbon Bag is perfectly balanced and complemented by gold-plated or steel hardware, depending on the color. Versatility wise, this bag can be carried by the hand or over the shoulder since it has a detachable leather shoulder strap to boot!

If you’ll look closer, you’ll notice that it has PRADA’s logo embossed in the middle and has metal lettering logo. What will definitely catch your eyes would probably be the metal clasp with leather loop, which is undeniably its stylish accent.

You might say that this bag has been previously featured before and you are right but mind you this newest Prada Ribbon Bag showcases a golden plate in the center. Oh and what you might notice as well, the golden ‘H’ on the front looks a lot like the ‘H’ of Hermes (much similar to the Hermes Constance Wallet and Bags). However, the brand’s name logo is printed in the center.

Measuring 22 x 14 x 6 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $2160 USD, €1750 euro, £1510 GBP, ¥275400 JPY via Prada Bags Bergdorf Goodman Replica boutiques.

The sealants around the zippers are peeling — The look of this zippers and the bend of the leather around the corners will create the sealants crack sooner or later. This is a combination of material and design defects. The wider curve of this lux open tote design is quite a bit more forgiving on any sealants. Instead, Prada Bag 117 Replica may have taken 30 minutes more per bag to fold the leather and sew it rather than using sealants. Some may assert the saffiano leather is much harder to fold and sew more compared to a softer leather. Which might be true but I’ve a pocket on string from Ferragamo with the same hardy saffiano leather cloth and that wallet is beautifully folded and sewn.The zippers are tarnishing — The tarnishing about the zippers after a year is just not acceptable. Also the zippers don’t zip that smoothly. Comparing the Prada dual zip tote zipper to the zipper around the LV Eva is night and day.The cloth around the zippers are fuzzing up — This can be not acceptable. I really expect on the more recent versions of the bag, Prada uses a stronger cloth material. Again compared to the fabric around the zippers on the LV Eva clutch, you don’t have to be a professional to understand which one has greater quality.The feet on the tote are scratched up — The toes on the bag are golden coated and has scratched easily. I don’t mind the scratches around the toes but I think because I never place this bag against rough surface that the scratches are pretty bad to get a bag following a year of use.Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote_Wear and TearI do need to note that I am using a macro lens so you can view what I am talking about. (I figure I can compare it to blackheads, nobody finds the blackheads but yourself). Prada does provide a two-year warranty; however, when you buy a designer handbag you are purchasing it for the very long term (at least I do). Even in the event that you get everything fixed, these problems will resurface again in a few decades.







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