The Monogram Bag Lead The Fashion Again

CHANEL with its unmistakable double C twist lock on the center of the bag became famous bag brand because of monogram . Undoubtfully, all of us know Hermes well too– the ubiquitous Constance which is really a prize if you manage to buy it today at the Hermes boutique! Well, recently, I’ve been noticing a lot more of that monogram design going around again, in brands that were previously not known to have produced bags with visible monograms.


Let me just give you a few examples:

There’s the Saint Laurent Blogger bag.
Side note: I do wonder though when they will reconcile the not-so-new re-branding of Saint Laurent with the original name Yves Saint Laurent. I wonder if the logo would look as good though without the Y

Then there is the Replica Gucci Soho Disco Bag which has the brand’s logo embossed onto the leather of the bag (making the bag a lot less heavier than the ones that used hardware).

And another version called the Twist, in this printed design–LVtwist

I honestly prefer the old style of the logo than the new one above. Anyway, the other brands that have joined the monogram bandwagon include Alexander Mc Queen:

This bag monogram formula (using hardware) seems to work quite well with a lot of brands lately. Not to be overly narcissistic about it, but I think it would actually be super cool to have your own monogram on a leather flap bag.


And then of course there was the original Louis Vuitton Vivienne which has since been discontinued. Speaking of the Vivienne, I am so disheartened because I have this bag. It is beautiful but because of our insanely hot weather and humid conditions, the gumming on the sides of the bag seem to have melted (!!!). I will be taking the bag to LV when I have time so they can have a look- see at what can be done to fix it 🙁

Anyway, more monogram bags under Ghesquiere’s new direction which saw the “birth” of the classic flap bag called the GO- 14MM.

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