Reviewing The Saint Laurent Love Heart Chain Replica Bag

Just set your eyes on this Saint Laurent’s Small Love Heart Chain Bag if you don’t know how a superstar bag looks like, and you’ll instantly find the answer.


This heart-shaped beauty Mini Love Crossbody Hear Bag resembles the Small Love Quilted Shoulder Bag also from the same brand but this time around, there are fun embellishments to it. The added stars on the metal interlocking YSL logo is the right amount of girly you would want in a bag. The gold colored metal shoulder strap on the other hand is also the perfect complement to its dark black leather color.


What’s more,the Mini Love Crossbody Hear Bag in Black Patent Leather from Saint Laurent is the perfect cuteness and dainty to add to your overall ensemble especially if you get a date on a Saturday night or if you decide to go hit the dance floor with your friends on a TGIF kind of night.It has two size.The small size is measured 4.7’ x 4.5’ x 1.8’ inches and the medium size is measured 6.4’ x 6.4’ x 1.8’ inches.

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