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I hope you’re excited for Givenchy, because the Spring Summer 2018 Runway was full of surprises. Givenchy Bags Germany Replica usually makes handbags that are mixed with masculine and feminine, but for the next collection, we’re seeing more ladylike handbags and you will love it. There are also new stunning logo’s crafted on the new bags. Now let’s talk about the two bags that you need to pay attention to.

The Little Givenchy Bag


Yes it’s little and when it’s cute as well, then we cannot help but talk about it. Meet the Little Givenchy Bags Beige Replica Bag for the next season, it’s absolutely gorgeous beyond words, but there is more.

First this bag is a mini flap bag and we hope it will be available in large size too. It’s designed with a V-shaped flap in beautiful-rectangle shaped-body. The center is crafted with smooth leather (just below the flap), while the other parts is made in grained leather. The center is what its all about – the new Givenchy Bags Black Friday Replica clasp.

I really love the new Givenchy clasp and it’s not only about the ‘Givenchy’ name in the center. The clasp is the bottom part of the Givenchy symbol.

This little bag is multifunctional; it can be carried as a belt bag or a cute shoulder bag. So what do you think?

Givenchy Flap Bag with Boyish Chain


Look who is there? A new stunning Givenchy Bags For Cheap Replica Flap Bag. You will absolutely love this bag because; it’s minimalistic, classic, elegant and it comes with a boyish chain. This bag is also crafted with a new clasp and it has the perfect size to become your next everyday bag. And oh yes, you get a cute charm that’s attached to the handles.

This new bag can be carried in multiple ways. You can grab it by hand; carry it on your shoulder or cross body. It can also be used in many occasions like for work or at evening diners.

I bought the little Antigona in the calf skin leather. This past year, just small and medium were accessible and the medium was too big in my 5’2″ frame. I think the mini (brand new size) is really cute but when I had to repurchase back, I’d still stick to the small.This might be the most useful information so I will share my ideas about purchasing from European retailers ahead of the actual bag inspection. I bought my Antigona out of Harrods, and it is a British equivalent of Saks Fifth Avenue (visit Antigona bag here). The tote from Harrods cost $1,600, which comprised 25 pounds of global delivery fee. I then had to pay a customs fee of $150 on DHL’s website before the item could be sent. This brings the total to $1,800. The bag is retailing for $2,095 in the U.S. and a 8.75% sales tax in new york would bring the entire cost to $2,278. I managed to save over $400 by purchasing it from a European retailer.By buying from a European retailer, none E.U. residents are able to deduct the VAT (value added taxes) from the purchase price of the product. It’s possible to see the deductions right in your cart online. Although, you do not need to pay the sales tax, the import duty basically cancels it out.Selfridges is a Harrods equivalent and an alternate retailer. The upside for Selfridges is final price you pay includes the customs tax. When I purchased from Harrods, I knew I had to pay roughly $100 — $200 in customs but was uncertain of the precise volume. I checked and as of May 21, 2015 the cost on Selfridges for the little calf skin Antigona is #1,165.11 ($1,826.32 USD). This cost includes shipping and custom duties. Notice, occasionally these retailers might not have the exact product in inventory but be patient, it will come back! For example, now Harrods doesn’t take the little calf skin Antigona online.

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Pictures courtesy of: Vogue

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