Replica Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2016 Show New Greyscaled Version Monogram Eclipse Print In Paris

Louis Vuitton has long wanted to put more of an emphasis on its leather goods and deflect a bit of attention from its iconic monogram and Damier canvases, monograms are gaining popularity, and now it has to find a way to both stoke its leather business and capitalize on a conflicting trend in which it already fits perfectly.As we see, Louis Vuitton outlet is in an interesting spot right now.

Overall, Vuitton does a powerful job to find new uses of its monogram, and something of individuals is by using new, a little more subtle versions such as new Fall 2016 men’s bag include a new black and grey damie, called Damier Eclipse. The greyscaled version was created underneath the oversight of men’s creative director Kim Johnson, and it possesses a moderate, sporty choice for individuals that aren’t in to the traditional brown.

louis vuitton monogram handbags

The Replica louis vuitton monogram handbags collection also incorporated navy and olive leather, and several new bag shapes certainly one of particular note jogs my memory lots of an extravagance leather form of the canvas messengers Manhattan bike couriers frequently use and you should check out all of the show’s add-ons below.

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