Introducing The Arm Candy Patchwork Bag From Burberry

Did you know that Burberry has revealed its latest arm candy, the Patchwork Bag before long? It is the art of a handbag,which features a unique combination of colours, fabrics , textures and many details including the iconic Burberry House Check,glossy snakeskin, velvet, embossed calf leather as well as sequin and studs.


What’s more there are so many reasons that you deserve to invest.What is the best part of it? It’s versatility – it can be styled three ways: as a crossbody, a shoulder bag or a clutch bag. Besides,it features a polished buckle fastening inspired by the Burberry Heritage Trench. And like the trench, you can personalise it with your monogram. Because of the random patchwork design, no two bags are the same.

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