Introducing New Dior Runway Replica Bag Collection

We think Dior is on the ‘highway’, they’re shooting one new bag after another and we can’t keep up the pace.That is Dior runway.

Yes, it’s really called ‘runway’ and we actually love it.Well, let me introducing the brand-new Dior Runway Bag Collection to you.


Refined in light gold-tone jewellery, measuring 26 x 13 x 4.6 cm,the Dior Runway Bags are very similar to the Lady Dior Bags but in smaller sizes. Okay perhaps we should say in ‘shorter sizes’ because they look like they’ve been shrunk in half.


They come with the DIOR charm on the top eyelet and also with wide straps in case you want to carry them on your shoulder.It features smooth handles and refined with the iconic Cannage Stitching.There are different styles of the Dior Runway Bag online including ones in multicolor like embroidered with sequins flowers. The classic versions are crafted with super-soft lambskin.

So purchase the style you really like, however we always recommend the classic styles for beginners.

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