Handbag Replica Wholesale Center Givenchy Leather Coin Purse with Strap


Who would have thought that a leather coin purse could look like a modish bag if you just put a strap on it? Take a look at this Givenchy Leather Coin Purse with Strap and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Taking a simple yet fashionable approach, this downsized option with signature finesse that gives it a sleek fold-style silhouette is all you could ever ask for in a luxury coin purse. What’s more to love about this is that it made with genuine and smooth calf leather. We never thought that owning a coin purse could be this good!
And if that’s not enough, this minimalistic styled coin purse also comes with a removable strap so that you can easily transition it into a stylish mini bag for lunch-date days with your equally sassy girlfriends. It features a snap-buttoned fastening, which gives you easy access and a sense of security.

Measuring 3.5” x 3” x 1” (H x W x D) inches and the price is $450 USD, 370 euro, £320 GBP, $3990 HKD, $750 AUD via MyTheresa.



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There is a shoulder strap, and because you know, I really like a good shoulder strap.This, however, is not a good shoulder strap. This is just a strap that’s much too brief for me and also my shoulder.In reality, I believe other than a child or a number of my super petite buddies, this strap would be too short for anybody’s shoulders. While I try to use it, the handles stick straight in my armpit, and since the handles are sturdy, there’s no sacrifice there. I do not really know why Givenchy bothered to include it from a usability perspective, it adds nothing.The great news is I like this bag being handheld and that is how I use it. This is my latest bag, so I can’t comment on longevity of the quality and structure, but so much this tote was awesome. I’ve yet to see any wear or issues with the tote. The leather is super lush and sturdy, and it seems supple but has not lost its shape at all.My only problem is the large shirt zipper is a bit hard to open and shut. You have to use a bit of a sturdy pull to start it, and while it sounds unbelievably lazy, I do not wish to use much energy to open my bag. The interior is lined in canvas, but I kind of wish it had been lined in a light suede, which would be just as lavish as the outside of the bag.

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