Good Quality Prada Light Frame Bag Replica Bags Buyers Guide


Every once in a while, there is a heart-melting handbag wandering around at MyTheresa. This new Prada Clutch Saffiano one of them. Now, we know what Saffiano stands for, because we’re familiar with the forever-famous Saffiano Lux Tote. The Saffiano is patented by Prada and is one of the most luxurious and durable materials in the world. Basically, when you decide to purchase this purse, it will be a lifetime investment.

The design looks simple and timeless. It’s made in single color with a boxy shape; the front features the brand’s iconic logo ‘Prada Milano’, in gold-tone metal. The reason why this bag is called a Clutch Shoulder Bag is because of the snap closure on the top. This type of snap closures are usually crafted on clutch bags, but this is not a clutch. This is a full shoulder bag.

The golden hardware on the logo and the clasp on the top create the ultimate luxury appeal. It also comes with a long leather strap that can be adjusted anytime. And given that this bag is only exclusively available at MyTheresa, you will own a limited fashion piece.

Measuring 6.5’ x 8.5’ x 4’ (H x W x D), priced at $1970 USD, 1835 euro, $15300 HKD, $2820 AUD via MyTheresa.






While I purchase something on the internet or visit a store, the way by which the product is boxed up and presented starts the entire experience before I even get to the product itself. Where a few brands lack in presentation, others excel, and I have always found Prada Bags Vs Louis Vuitton Replica packaging to be beautifully and meticulously put together. The exterior of the box that my latest Prada bags come in comprises the iconic blue Prada tag that’s used on ready-to-wear things as well.Realizing this tag was iconic, Prada decided to create its prevalent on a new line of bags known as Prada Etiquette Bags, together with etiquette translating to tag from French to English. The exterior of those bags includes a stamped leather edition of the iconic powder blue interior garment tag, sewn into a leather frame as the cloth tags are sewn into the insoles of Prada shoes. This is a new look in place of the normal Prada emblem you can find on the exterior of their bags, and it divides the accessories and ready-to-wear ranges into one cohesive appearance. The bags are a departure from other ordered and more ladylike Prada classics such as the Dual Bag and Galleria Bag in the calf leather, while thick and durable, makes for a softer, more worn-in appearance. There are a couple styles, such as a tote, shoulder bag and little bag. While I enjoy the tote, particularly with the powder blue suede lining (that color has always been my colour), the shoulder bag is right up my alley.The Prada Etiquette Shoulder Bag is one of these bags which spoke to me right away. I love the yummy, smooshy leather (yes, I know how it sounds to describe a bag as having flavorful leather, but it does!) I don’t always opt for extra metal detailing, but with this tote it helps it stand out.

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