Buying Guide Replica Bags Miu Miu x Swarovski Jewels Collection 2013

Earlier this year, we found that something was amiss in the Miu Miu Quilted Bags handbag layout department, and in reality, someone I spoke to in the brand intimated that the bags were not selling as well as they used to. It was not difficult to imagine why this was – like the brand’s highly covetable and widely lusted-after shoes, the bags have been just. . .ok. They were passable, with some strong principles to temper the sometimes bizarre, occasionally off-putting seasonal assortment bags. For a brand which I adored a lot, the purse scenario at Miu Miu was more than a tiny vexing.Now, however, I am seeing some tentative indications of a move in the ideal direction. The handbags below are all from Miu Miu’s Resort 2013 collection, and they’re pretty damn great. We haven’t reached greatness yet, but with some simple takes on bright colors and basic shapes, combined with intelligent uses of a few of the newest signatures such as matelasse leather and prominent frames, things are looking better than they have in many seasons. Are any of the bags below in your shopping list? Check out more Miu Miu luggage at Net-a-Porter and Bergdorf Goodman.Katy Perry attempted to keep it low key at the airport this weekend whilst channeling Diane Keaton, only a small bit. I have numerous questions surrounding Katy’s color-matching get-up, such as why’s Katy accenting her Miu Miu using a red rose? Does a body-con spandex cotton dress + extended patterned cardi + floppy hat + stage hiking boots = Katy Perry casual? Luckily for all, you can receive your Miu Miu fix at Net-a-Porter.

Two days more to go and it’s finally Christmas, yeah! I know most of you are still preparing for the event, perhaps you still need to buy some more groceries or Christmas lights to enhance the sphere. And I also happen to know that some of you belong to the last-minutes folks who still need to buy a gift for your best friend. Well, if you are stuck and can’t think of a nice gift then take a look at Miu Miu x Swarovski’s jewelry collection, they are as fine as diamonds.

Our hand-picked selections are to-die-for. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous pair of earrings, any woman needs them and so, Miu Miu’s dangle earrings enriched with Swarovski Crystal stones and pearls clips on the back will certainly put a smile on any friends face. It’s finished with shiny palladium and nickel-free; the design feels young and eye-catching.

Then we purposely picked the Miu Miu Bracelet with Plexiglas and micro-cast jewel element attached in Cherry-red and Jelly-green colors. Embellished with Swarovski crystal-stones to uplift the value and it make an impression for anyone who wears it around her wrist.

Another accessory that we can’t take our eyes off is the flower bracelet with pearls and Swarovski crystal embellished. The colors are breath-taking and the shiny effects create a statement, above all it feels feminine and tremendously chic.

And for the prices; earrings €290, bracelet plexiglas €730, bracelet flower pearls/swarovski €410, necklace €500. At Miu Miu Bags Wikipedia e-store.

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