Where To Buy Prada Monogramme Shoulder Bag Grade 1 Replica Handbag

People purchase luxury bags for the quality as much as the manufacturer name. But without quality, no brand name will never command the cost premium. It takes a very long time for clients to trust in the quality of a new but that trust can be broken within a portion of time.One issue I get all the time from readers, or even arbitrary passer-bys, is about my purses or shoes. I am a large think in investing in antique bits which stand out and are able to make your outfit. In reality, you may typically see me in an inexpensive maxi dress whilst carrying a bag that’s, well, damn cheap all summertime! I am so thrilled to finally begin sharing bag (& possibly in the future shoes) reviews! I will make certain that you hit bags of price points! Thinking of reviewing this affordable ‘it’ bag next.The bag I get asked about the most is that my red Prada Bags Price Philippines Replica Medium Saffiano. This baby happens to also be my all time favourite designer bag I own. She definitely cost me a cent (I saved up for weeks) but she was worth all these pretty pennies. I have had my eye with this classic one for awhile (under $1000!) .Note my bag is several years old so the newer seasons have gotten an upgrade (that I’m totes jeally of)… double zippers lining the top!When I say this tote is permanent I mean that this thing has been put through hell. .and I’m very rough with my bags. Hell, I paid for a designer purse it better last. Right?!) . The following Prada I am dyyyinnggggg for is that this incredible beauty that basically has my name written all over it.


During the Cruise 2018 runway, we saw a new-fangled tote bag slinging in bright color. However, it was not until august 2018 that we discovered its name. This bag is called the Prada Monogramme Tote Bag.

The Monogramme Bag is determined to become Prada’s next darling just like how the Saffiano Lux Tote did. And to enhance the excitement, the Italian fashion house has introduced a shoulder bag version. “Now introducing the Prada Monogramme Shoulder Bag for the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design



So how do you recognize a Monogamme Bag? Well check out the brand-new Prada Bags 4 Outlet Replica logo. It’s the modernized version of the iconic triangle logo. The Monogramme Logo is also embellished in the same color as the handbag.

This shoulder bag looks chic but it’s ideal for both formal events as well as the casual days. The body is made from Saffiano leather, but there might also other options available (the tote bag version is made from calfskin). Everyone who is familiar with Prada knows that the saffiano leather is one of the most solid leathers in the world.

The design is minimalistic and classic. This bag can easily match with any fashion style. The gold finished hardware boosts the luxury appeal. Wear this beautiful piece around your shoulder or cross body.

Or you can detach the chains and turn the Monogramme Shoulder Bag into an evening clutch. You can get it more flexible than this.

The Interior


This bag opens with magnetic closure. The interior features the central compartment with zipper closure and 4 credit card slots. There is enough space to carry your iPhone.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 4 x 12.5 x 20 (D x H x W) cm, priced at $1350 USD, $1690 CAD, €1100 euro, £1000 GBP, ¥173880 JPY.

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