Bag Review: Fendi By The Way Bag – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Season after season it gets more and more evident that Fendi has derived some secret formula when it comes to handbags. From their iconic Baguette to the 2Jours, 3Jours and their Peek-a-Boo; each one of these bags have become instant hits and developed some sort of a cult following. For the Fall, it is no different. The By The Way bag has become an immediate must have.

As I sit here, with the tri-colour runway version in front of me, and the heat pressed Fendi Roma logo staring at me, I secretly plan a strategy on how to convince the husband to get me one. I can’t get over its compact size and its unique shape. I really like the extended zipper (which comes in the from of a crocodile tail too sometimes) and the rivets that add a bit of detailing. Even the optional shoulder strap isn’t the usual kinds. It has these nice round old fashioned metal buttons that you can easily pull apart or push it shut to adjust it. And the ID tag that dangles off the top handle just makes the bag more fun.

In terms of size, 7’x12.5’x6 (HxWxD), I think this is one of the few bags that is small enough to be held as an oversized clutch yet big enough to hold your daily requirements. No, not the big ipad, but an ipad mini perhaps, along with the usual wallet, keys etc. I’ve realised I’ve suffered enough shoulder aches from lugging around all my big bags and just don’t need that kind of pain anymore. Honestly, the bigger the day bag, the harder it is to edit what goes into it! You just sort of think you NEED everything and keep dumping it all in there. Not with this one you won’t.

The coolest part is that there are three ways to carry it. Sling it as a purse or cross body if you want, or hold it with the petite top handles or even take the shoulder strap off and slide your hand into the top handles and hold it as a big clutch.

A mini bag that packs plenty and looks AWESOME; the By The Way is hands down one of my most favourite bags from the Fall. Check it out at the Fendi boutique in DLF Emporio if you haven’t already done so!

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